Winter's Best Combo Set

Best for winter

Loving Cozy Steps for my little one - warmer, lighter, just perfect for winter play!

Sophie M.


AfflatusLeap - Kids Winter Hat
Sale price€27,95 EUR
CuteCharacters Non-slip Sockshoes - Optimal Protection, Flexibility, Comfort-Pocokids
CuteCharacters - Non-slip Sockshoes
Sale price€26,95
Little Leopard - Baby Sweater-Pocokids
Little Leopard - Baby Sweater
Sale price€28,95

Our secret?

Embrace Winter Warmth with Cozy Steps!

In our commitment to kindness, we've crafted a winter collection that's completely animal-friendly and equally cozy. A unique blend of wool and thermal fibers, creating fabrics that are even warmer than conventional materials. Our winter boots are made from premium synthetic leather, offering an exceptional touch, toxin-free and gentle on the planet.

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