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Welcome to the Journey of Firsts

Little Steps, Big Dreams: The Birth of PocoKids

Gabriel and Vivi, renowned as children's shoe designers, embarked on a new adventure as parents. With the birth of their own children, they realized a profound mission: to create products that not only charm but protect. They envisioned a brand that prioritized "firsts" – those pivotal, inaugural moments in a child's life, where exploration meets safety.

"We're not just crafting shoes; we're crafting experiences for first steps, first adventures, first leaps of joy," Gabriel reflected.
"Absolutely," Vivi agreed. "Our creations should safeguard these firsts, giving parents peace of mind while their little ones explore their world."

And thus, in 2019, PocoKids was born – a brand symbolizing more than just style and comfort. It became a promise of protection, a companion for every first stride a child takes. Named 'Poco' – a nod to 'little' in Spanish, it captures the essence of childhood: small steps leading to significant milestones.

PocoKids is dedicated to being there for every first – the first step, the first jump, the first adventure. With safety and trust as our guiding stars, we ensure that every Poco product is a guardian in your child’s journey of firsts.

What we believe

At our heart lies a philosophy that's as simple as a nursery rhyme yet profound like a fairy tale. We believe that every child deserves the chance to explore the magical kingdom of nature, and do so safely under the watchful eyes of their loving parents. It's the twinkle in your child's eyes as they discover a new butterfly, the squeals of delight as they splash in the water, that fuels our fire.

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100% Focus on design

At PocoKids, we're dedicated to crafting footwear exclusively for preschoolers. Our design process involves deep collaboration with podiatrists worldwide, ensuring every pair of shoes aligns with the soundest foot health principles. We understand what children need and what parents want: shoes that are not only comfortable and fitting but also support every step of a child's healthy development. At PocoKids, we blend joy and safety in every stride.

Natural - Love

We at PocoKids believe that the most natural things are the best for children. That's why we're committed to using only the highest quality, eco-friendly materials sourced from around the globe. Our philosophy is rooted in providing the purest and most wholesome products for the little ones.